La Mascaronne

Fete de Provence - Feast of Provence


Chateau La Mascaronne lies at the heart of the Cotes de Provence appellation, just outside the medieval French village of Le Luc. La Mascaronne's chateau and cellar are centrally positioned within 45 hectares of gentle, sloping vineyards consisting of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Cinsault, and Ugni-Blanc (Trebbiano) grape varieties, alongside new plantings of Rolle (Vermentino).


The terroir of La Mascaronne is renowned for producing some of the finest red wines of the region – complex and powerful with supple dark fruit flavours – and it was for this reason that Tom Bove (formerly of Chateau Miraval) acquired the Domaine in 1999 and embarked on an ambitious program of restoration and investment in the latest wine-making technology and viticulture techniques.


Born and raised in Indiana, USA, Tom Bove was on a tour of France in 1993 when he heard about a vineyard, Miraval, in The Var, Provence, that was for sale.

Seduced by the architecture and history of Miraval, where wine had been produced since the 12th Century, and fuelled by his own passion for wine, Tom took on the challenge of revitalising the ancient domaine.


After spending several years on this vast project, Tom learned that nearby La Mascaronne was coming up for sale. Inspired by the great potential of its renowned terroir, Tom took over La Mascaronne in 1999 and its renaissance commenced. In a short time, award-winning La Mascaronne wines were being produced and they are now served in some of the finest restaurants of Paris, London and the south of France.


The domaine also produces Guy da Nine wine, named for the affectionate nickname given to Tom’s father by his mother. Only produced in exceptional years and aged for one year in new, French oak barrels, this wine represents the passion for excellence with which the Bove family name has become synonymous.